Voice Over Demos that Get You Work!


To be selected to do an audition or to be represented by an agency, you need a great demo that showcases the full range of your voice over talent and your flexibility as an actor. If you are seeking work in several categories: Commercial, Character, Narration, and Movie Trailer/Promo, you will need several voice over demos.

As a voice over professional myself with almost 30 years of experience in the industry, I know what hiring agents are looking for. In fact, eight out of ten actors who work with me to create their demo land voice over work.

If you are local to the Los Angeles area, I can help you develop a great voice over demo live and in person. If you are located outside of Los Angeles, I coach and direct you via Zoom during your voice recording session, and partner with a fantastic demo production company in L.A. to finish the demos, all with your final approval.

I want to be sure that you absolutely love your demo!

My demo production involves your input throughout the whole process. It’s fun and collaborative. You’ll help decide the types of voices we’ll showcase, the final order of the voice over clips, and you’ll have final approval in choosing the music and sound effects.

Once the voiceover demo process is done, you’ll have:

  • 1-2 demos that you will be proud to send to any hiring talent agent
  • Each demo will contain 6-8 short clips to showcase your range
  • Sound advice from an industry expert on how to get your demos in front of the right people