Voice Over for Novices | Online and in San Francisco

One of my former students, Rebecca, works in hi-tech. She’s the upbeat one who keeps the mood light at work, even when there’s a deadline. She’d done some acting in high school, but nothing much since. Still, she never quite got rid of the acting bug, and after a few years at her job, she started looking for something else that might satisfy her creative spirit. People said she had great energy and a really versatile voice. Looking online, she became curious about voice over.

When I started to coach her she had already taken a few voice over classes, but was still relatively new to the whole process. I immediately saw that the only thing in Rebecca’s way was herself – her self-esteem, her belief in herself as the creative dynamo that she is. People often get bogged down, worrying about how others might judge them. Sometimes they are their own worst critics. But through our coaching sessions together, I was able to help her get past her self-judgment, giving her permission to just throw caution to the wind and have a great time. She took my advice and ran with it. She was also diligent about practicing, keeping her momentum going.

Because she was no longer worried about other people’s judgment, in a very short time we had her in the studio recording three demo tracks: commercial, narration, and character. With those demos, she landed an agent and is now booking jobs on a regular basis, including video game and commercial work!