Presentation Coaching that Helps You Reach Your Maximum Potential


My presentation coaching will teach you how to communicate effectively with your whole being, so that people will be motivated to take action on your proposals and ideas. I’ve worked with CEOs and other spokespeople from internationally renowned companies, such as Reuters, Intel, and Oracle. I’ve helped them get ready for appearances on CNBC, corporate videos and public speaking events.

For more than 25 years, I have guided pubic speakers toward reaching their comfort zone before the camera and in front of live audiences. I specialize in coaching individuals to hit their mark with charisma, chemistry, warmth and confidence. I help public speakers tap into their maximum potential while enjoying the process.

How? It’s all about tapping into your creativity and imagination to motivate and excite others into a state of alertness. By using your voice and your body as powerful tools to engage and attract, you can achieve your goals much more persuasively than any PowerPoint presentation will. My presentation coaching will help you gain the insight and confidence you need to be at the top of your game!

Why is public speaking so hard?

I have been a public speaker almost all of my life. What you may not realize is that you have been too!

Have you ever talked at a family gathering or among a group of friends? Ever given a presentation in front of your classmates at school, or spoken in front of a congregation at your given place of worship? Maybe you have toasted your friends at a party or raised your hand at a PTA meeting.

The fact is, being human we often find ourselves in group situations where we are asked to speak. We just don’t think of it as public speaking most of the time because it’s our family or friends or co-workers, and we are comfortable with the people to whom we are talking. But it is public speaking! We are communicating, making our voice and our thoughts heard within a public arena.

Why is it then, that when we have to speak to people we haven’t met before that the needle on our personal judgment meter starts bobbing into the “worry” zone. How does that happen? Who are these people that they have such power over us? Just ordinary people, really, like you and me. But we give our power over to them – the power that is rightfully ours! Why do we do this?

Much of it has to do with feeling judged. Most of us are scared of judgment, of being found wanting, yet we often put ourselves in a position to be judged. Whenever you worry about what others think of you, you are inviting their judgment. When you care about being accepted, approved of and liked, you are putting yourself in a position to not be accepted.

The good news is – you can turn public speaking into something wonderful. When you take the stage, whatever that arena might be – a small group in an office setting, at a prospective client’s house, or in a large lecture hall – assume that you ARE accepted, approved of, and liked. And, why not? You are a really likable person! Your friends and family obviously know this. Why not share yourself with others in a public arena, knowing that they are going to enjoy you and whatever you have to present to them. If you lay judgment to rest, you can concentrate on the communal act of sharing the information you have come to talk about.

People aren’t looking to judge you. They are there with you because they want to hear what you have to tell them. They want you to make life a little bit easier for them, or more profitable, or more profound, or maybe just make their day more enjoyable. Because really, when you get right down to it, they’re just people – people who share the same joys and problems as you. You just don’t know them yet.