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Building Character

In order to become and remain viable in the world of character VO, you need to have a stable of around 5 strong, differing characters of your own making that you can rely on for their boldness and consistency. In this class we will explore the process involved in creating those unique characters, and begin to work with the characters you create with actual scripts from games and cartoons. This is an essential class for those wanting to tackle the competitive world of character voice over.

  1. Create unique characters
  2. Work with gaming and cartoon scripts tailored to your character
  3. Hone you character skills
  4. Learn how to bring that “wow” factor that will get you noticed in auditions

The Art Of Voice Acting

Knowledge is power. Knowing how to navigate all the different genres of voice over is crucial to your success in the voice over business. The pros know how to do this, and so should you. In this six week class the voice over student will get an overview of:

All of the different types of V.O. work out there:

  1. Narration (corporate, technical, medical, documentary, audiobook, etc.)
  2. Commercial (for radio, internet, & T.V.)
  3. Character work for the cartoon and gaming industry.

Sub-catergories include:

  1. Promo/trailer
  2. IVR
  3. Legal
  4. Tag, and more.

Each week we will explore a different type of voice over, and students will gain an understanding of what each area requires, concentrating on both the differences and the similarities of each genre.

Students will also gain an essential understanding of the voiceover industry.

  • How to analyze a script.
  • How to use your voice as an expressive tool.
  • How to find your vocal power range.