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The Business of Voice Over: Getting it Right

“How much does it cost to get started in voice over? What are the ongoing costs? How much, and what kind of training do you need? What are the necessary business and marketing tools? How do I get an agent? Is it better to be Union or Non Union?”

These are some of the most commonly asked questions I get asked in my role as a professional voice over coach. Now you can download a 2.5-hour webinar covering all of the essential information you must know in order to have a career in voice over. This presentation will give you the tools you need to make the right business decisions from the very beginning, avoiding the costly mistakes that so many aspiring VO actors make without proper guidance.

Before you spend any money on a voice over career, decide whether such a venture is right for you, and gain the knowledge to do it the right way. Download it today, and save money on all of the mistakes you won’t make!

Cost: $75

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“The Business of Voice Over” is taught by David Rosenthal, one of the SF Bay Area’s top voice over coaches and the founder of He has 20 years of teaching and coaching experience and has helped many people get their starts or further their careers in the industry. With over 900 voice over credits to his name in all areas of the industry, David is a voice over mentor, a character/commercial coach, as well as a veteran demo producer/ director.