For anyone getting involved in voiceover as a career, you are going to need to know how to work effectively and efficiently with recording software. Audacity is the best recording software out there for both PC and Mac. And it’s free! This webinar will have you recording and editing like a pro, and make better use of your time and energy. Don’t miss out! Space is limited.


LENGTH: 1.5 Hours
DATE: Saturday, August 6, 1 – 2:30pm PST / 4 – 5:30pm EST

Class Description: Equally important as getting a clean recording is knowing how to properly edit your voice overs. Amateurish editing is a big red flag for a lot of potential clients, regardless of how fitting your voice may be for their project. By signing up for our 90 minute Audacity Webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Drastically improve your workflow, so that you can cut your editing time in half
  • Configure your software by creating usable templates
  • Eliminate organics (mouth noises such as lip smacks)
  • Eliminate clicks, pops, sibilant “s” sounds, and other background noise
  • Eliminate certain breath sounds, while knowing which others to keep
  • Set your audio levels to an appropriate volume
  • Avoid over-processing and keep your voice sounding natural
  • Export in different formats (depending on what’s requested by a client)
  • Save and organize all your files
  • Keep an appropriate vocal pacing in your recording, depending on whether it’s for an audition or a booked job

Whether you’re completely new to Audacity or just looking for more advanced workflow tips, this is a GVAA exclusive webinar that you won’t want to miss!

Remember, even if you’re the best voice actor for a job, you might not be hired if your recordings don’t meet industry standards. Jonah will make sure that you’re recording and editing with the utmost confidence so that every file you send will exceed your client’s expectations!

To sign up, click HERE